Peter Butler on Aquaponics & Permaculture

Default thumbnail Stage 49 – Harvesting the Trout

Watch Peter and his Family harvest the Trout from their Aquaponics pond.    Read More →

Default thumbnail Stage 48 – Setting up the Biofilter

See how Peter sets up his Biofilter, using Tennis Balls, PVC pipe, shade cloth and foam.  Read More →

Default thumbnail Stage 47 More Fish

Peter adds 52 Silver Perch to his ponds.  Read More →

Default thumbnail Stage 46 – Silver Perch

Some fish can jump! Peter looses one of his large fish.    Read More →

Default thumbnail Stage 45 – Pool to Pond

Feeding the fish. Peter laughs at the fish having breakfast.  Read More →

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Peter Butler on Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Default thumbnail How to pave an area that has multiple joining levels

I show how to  pave an area that has multiple joining levels. This can be a pain in the butt but if you know the simple way to do the prep then it’s as easy as.  Read More →

Default thumbnail Peter Butler on Positioning in Landscaping

There is no point in you being the ‘best’ landscaper in your district if no one knows about it.  Read More →

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