Month: August 2009

“OMG – a dead trout, what’s that about?”

# 1 Grow bed is on its platform and good to go for the pipe connections and the media and […]

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Pool to Pond 29 – First aquaponics grow bed

The first of our aquaponic grow beds gets set up. httpv://

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See the trout feeding on the mosquitoes – Stage 28

See the trout feeding on the mosquitoes. Our first night with our new little babies and where our first ‘grow […]

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Stage 27 – We have TROUT!

Gavin the Troutman brings the trout. You’ll actually see them being placed in the pond. httpv://

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Stage 26 – We’re actually ready for the trout

It’s all go and the water flows and the water bed trays are in and we’re actually ready for the […]

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Stage 25 – Aeration and Plumbing for the Fish Pond.

The aeration system and plumbing set up to run back into the pond. The water flow final tweaks. httpv://

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