Month: November 2009

Kiwi Fruit – Chinese Gooseberry

Tasty, Tangy Kiwi Fruit Commonly known as the Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit represents the marketing triumph of New Zealand Fruit Growers. […]

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Fruits of this tropical tree are simply enormous. Usually weighing 4 – 10 kilograms particular fruits can come in at […]

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Jaboticaba – The Brazilian Tree Grape

The Brazilian tree grape is a little known fruit which should prove to be a winner for Perth’s gardeners.  Known […]

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The Icecream Bean Tree – Inga

The genus Inga is commonly referred to as Ice Cream Bean due to the characteristic white, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth pulp surrounding […]

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Grumichama – Eugenia dombeyi

Grumichama is another member of the myrtle family from South America that includes the pitanga, jaboticaba and feijoa. Other mem­bers […]

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Gotu Kola – “The Miracle Plant”

Former arthritis sufferers are claiming that this common garden plant has taken all their painfful symptoms away. The herb, Gotu […]

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