Peter Butler on Bonsai Japanese Maple – Prune and Shape

This is my informal upright forked Japanese Maple about to get a serious reshape.


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Peter Butler

A passionate person known to be a serious “hobbiest” with a must for drinking only G.O.D Coffee (Ground On Demand). Just love “Making Websites Work”, hence “Smarter Websites” by converting dead dormant websites into profitable websites… one at a time if necessary!

4 thoughts on “Peter Butler on Bonsai Japanese Maple – Prune and Shape”

  1. “I had this comment on my YouTube video and thought I’d post it here”.

    Hi there mate. I’m starting to get into bosai. Im from North Queesnland(Cairns) just wondering what trees would? be the best for this type of climate up here.. its very hot and humid.Thanks.

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    That’s a hard call, ummm. Probably the best thing is check? out the local nursery cause invariably they’ll only carry stuff good for the area.

    As far as the bonsai side goes mostly your small leaf variety are easiest to look after.

    What you can’t go wrong with are the ficus species, you couldn’t kill them if you tried. The weeping fig and the ficus rubiginosa (Port Jackson) are excellent. I’ll be doing a video on the ficus soon so maybe subscibe so you get the updates.

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