Aquaponics & Permaculture

Stage 42 – Adding a 3rd Species

Peter adds another species to his ponds. He now has Barramundi, Trout and Silver Perch. httpv://

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Stage 33 – the grow pots nearly ready for the fruit trees.

The new grow pots and pipework all in situ and the new bio filter. All ready to plant up our […]

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Stage 32 – We have veggies and more grow tubs coming – the pool is now a pond

The veggies are growing well, especially the lettuce. The green algae blook has taken off. Setting up the grow tubs […]

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Stage 31 – The grow bed in action…

Stage 31 – The grow bed in action, draining off after the water switches off and the plan to see […]

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“OMG – a dead trout, what’s that about?”

# 1 Grow bed is on its platform and good to go for the pipe connections and the media and […]

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Pool to Pond 29 – First aquaponics grow bed

The first of our aquaponic grow beds gets set up. httpv://

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