Edible, Fruiting & Tropical Plants

Mangoes – The King of the Fruits

The most flavour some of all tropical fruits are eaten in larger quantities than any...
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Hibiscus – A Tropical Kaleidoscope

“A West Australian Growing Guide” These bright and cheerful plants are tailor-made for our West...
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Longan – Eye of the Dragon

Called Dragon Eyes because of their colour, these round yellow-brown skinned fruits are much appreciated...
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Limes – “The Bartender’s Fruit”

Like lemons, limes are an acid fruit. They tend to be slightly more sensitive to...
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Kiwi Fruit – Chinese Gooseberry

Tasty, Tangy Kiwi Fruit Commonly known as the Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit represents the marketing triumph...
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Fruits of this tropical tree are simply enormous. Usually weighing 4 - 10 kilograms particular...
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