1babacoA few Babaco fruits imported from New Zealand under the label, Kiwi Star Fruit are now appearing in some Fruit Stores. Weighing up to 2 kilograms it can cost around $8 – $10 per fruit. The appeal comes from the bright translucent yellow skin, the fascinating flavour which seems to combine Passionfruit, Pineapple and Paw Paw and the unusual shape with ‘ribs’ running along the fruit.

These fruits can be grown in the Metropolitan Area. While related to the Paw Paw they are more cold tolerant than their cousin and are able to withstand light frost.

You could say that Babaco is a freak of nature – it is a Hybrid producing no seed. Only the intervention of man using laboratory techniques has enabled the reproduction of the, variety. Being self fruitful only one plant is required to produce fruit.


Height – 2 m

Width – 1 m

Planting Distance – 2 m

Fruiting – Starts 1 year after planting

Fruit Ripens – October to December (Perth)

Fruit Weight – up to 2 kgs

Life Expectancy – up to 8 years

Number of Fruit Per Plant – Up to 30

Planting Time – Ideally October – March, when soil is moist and warm. (Perth)

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