Giant Granadilla – “A Watermelon Size Passionfruit”

This fascinating plant produces the largest fruit in the Passionfruit family. They can grow to the size of an Aussie rules football and while they have the very thick rind – up to 2 or 3 cm – there is still a huge amount of edible pulp in the centre. The pulp is not as full flavoured as the purple passionfruit, however, it is still a very delightful fruit and one of great interest. The thick rind is also edible and can be eaten out of hand like a melon, or cut and be added to fruit salads. The under ripe green fruit can be boiled and treated as a vegetable. The Giant Granadilla is an oddity, its fun to grow and show off. To serve, the fruit is actually cut into thick slices and a dollop of cream or ice cream is dropped on top. The flavour of the pulp is improved with a light sprinkle of powered coriander or fresh lime juice. It’s not hard to imagine the look of your dinner guests faces when you present them with this fascinating feast.

Climatic Requirements

Giant Granadilla is a real tropical vine. It requires a very sunny planting position, protection from strong drying winds and very heavy frequent summer watering to keep the humidity high. It is important to plant Giant Granadilla in warm to hot weather, so it can establish itself quickly before the onset of winter.


With fruits that weigh up to two kilograms each, this vine needs a very strong support. It can be grown very successfully over an arbour a pergola or a fence

Pollination and Fruit Set

High humidity is required for successful pollination. You can increase humidity during our hot dry summer by irrigating the plants during the day with an overhead sprinkler and by applying a thick mulch of organic material such as well rotted chicken or cow manure. It is worth hand pollinating the flowers of the Giant Granadilla to improve fruit set. This is a fairly easy process. In the centre of the flower, pictured above, there are five anthers or stamens covered in golden grains of pollen. These need to be transferred to the stickly female reproductive organs, of which there are three, right in the centre of the flower, by means of a soft paint brush.

Here is a recipe to get you started with your first crop of Giant Granadillas.

Granadilla Mouse Supreme


½ tlbs gelatine

2 tlbs cold water

3 tlbs boiling water

1 ¼ cups of Granadilla pulp 1 cup of whipping cream

Soak gelatine in cold water. Add boiling water and heat until the gelatine is dissolved. Whip the cream until its stiff. Combine the gelatine and the Granadilla fruit pulp together – fold this mix into the freshly whipped cream, then freeze.

Happy fruitful gardening.

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