The Water Bed Frame and “We’ve Sprung a Leak” – Damn- Stage 15

The water bed frame is in and we’ve had to put in a second layer of the pool liner becasue […]

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Ready for the sand to be compacted for the ‘Water Bed’ – Stage 14

The sump tank is in, the concrete pad has set over it so we’re ready for the sand to be […]

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Stage 12 and 13 in the Pool to Pond Conversion

The concrete pad goes on to the sump tank for the water bed in the aquaponics pool to pond conversion. […]

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The sand is all in the pool to pond conversion

The sand is all in, yippee! OMG, that was 37 m3 of dirt, made up of 25 cubic metres of […]

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Another Step in the Pool to Pond – Stage 10

Ready after the Bobcat for all the backfill to go in behind the false wall. httpv://

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Stage 9 and We Have Water in the Pool to Pond

We finally have some water (a bit) in the pool to pond conversion.The solid wall is in, so is the […]

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