fruit tree

Mangoes – The King of the Fruits

The most flavour some of all tropical fruits are eaten in larger quantities than any other fruit. Commercial Orchards are […]

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Longan – Eye of the Dragon

Called Dragon Eyes because of their colour, these round yellow-brown skinned fruits are much appreciated by the Chinese. Cultivated for […]

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The pineapple guava has long been grown in Perth gardens for its considerable ornamental value. Some of these plants have […]

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Custard Apples

Taste of these Apples lingers on Custard apples are an unusual fruit, which once tasted will always be pleasantly remembered. […]

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A few Babaco fruits imported from New Zealand under the label, Kiwi Star Fruit are now appearing in some Fruit […]

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Stage 33 – the grow pots nearly ready for the fruit trees.

The new grow pots and pipework all in situ and the new bio filter. All ready to plant up our […]

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