Peter Butler

Stage 46 – Silver Perch

Some fish can jump! Peter looses one of his large fish.  

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Stage 45 – Pool to Pond

Feeding the fish. Peter laughs at the fish having breakfast.

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Stage 43 – Floating Cage

How we assembled our floating cage. Our cage will hold the barramundi.

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Stage 42 – Adding a 3rd Species

Peter adds another species to his ponds. He now has Barramundi, Trout and Silver Perch.

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Limes – “The Bartender’s Fruit”

Like lemons, limes are an acid fruit. They tend to be slightly more sensitive to cold and certainly should not […]

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Kiwi Fruit – Chinese Gooseberry

Tasty, Tangy Kiwi Fruit Commonly known as the Chinese Gooseberry, Kiwifruit represents the marketing triumph of New Zealand Fruit Growers. […]

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