Capulin Cherry or Tropical Cherry

The Capulin or Tropical Cherry as it is known in Perth originates from South and Central America, it also occurs in Mexico. It is from the true cherry genus – Prunus Salicifolia.

A versatile fruit the Capulin Cherry can be preserved, made into jelly or jam, baked into muffins, cakes and pancakes.  It is best of all when eaten fresh off the tree.

The fruit is slightly smaller than a traditional European Cherry but very similar in appearance.  The skin of the fruit is a bright shiny red and the interior flesh is a fresh green colour.  The flesh is firm and juicy with a sweet tang.

The tree itself is visually quite stunning, both when in bloom, covered with masses of flowers and after fruit-set when the tree is loaded with green, light red and deep red ripening fruit.  Two trees are recommended to gain maximum cropping.  Growing to around 6 metres in height it is an excellent windbreak or screening tree and has a very quick growth rate.

When planting, incorporate plenty of groganic into the planting hole and water in well.  Regular feeding using Nurserymen’s Brand All Purpose plant food will provide you with more cherries than you can eat.

The Surprising Capulin Cherry is truly a rewarding tree !!

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