Peter Butler’s Pool to Pond Stage 8

The liner is in and sealed, the pool sides have just been painted and curing.

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Peter Butler’s Pool to Pond – Stage 7

The underlay is all in place and ready for the pond liner. This shows the sump tank too.

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Pool to Pond Stage 6

We now need to create a barrier between the steel sheeting and the pond liner, a buffer or padding to […]

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Pool to Pond Stage 5 – Peter’s Butlers’ Wall.

The new wall is in and all ready for the padding ready for the new pond lining. Another step closer […]

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The Pool to Pond Wall Frame is in… Stage 4.

The pool to pond wall frame is in and the sheeting is about to go on. Aquaponics here we come. […]

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A New Wall On the New Pond – Stage 3

The deep end of the pool is finally backfilled so we can form the new wall for the new aquaponics […]

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